You can find on this page the Long Island trains map to print and to download in PDF. The Long Island trains map presents the rail network and railway stations of the trains of Long Island in New York - USA.

Long Island rail map

Map of Long Island trains

The Long Island rails map shows all the railway stations and lines of Long Island trains. This railway map of Long Island will allow you to easily plan your route with the trains of Long Island in New York - USA. The Long Island rails map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The Long Island Rail Road (reporting mark LI) or LIRR is a commuter rail system serving the length of Long Island, New York, stretching from Manhattan to the easternmost tip of Suffolk County, New York as its mentioned in Long Island rail map. It is the second busiest commuter railroad in North America (only recently surpassed by its sister railroad, Metro-North), serving about 81 million passengers each year. Established in 1834 and having operated continuously since then, it is the oldest US railroad still operating under its original name and charter.

There are 124 stations on the LIRR, and more than 700 miles (1,100 km) of track on its two lines to the two forks of the island and eight major branches as you can see in Long Island rail map. Each weekday, the LIRR provides more than 303,000 rides to customers. It is publicly owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which has styled it MTA Long Island Rail Road. The current LIRR logo combines the circular MTA logo with the text Long Island Rail Road, and appears on the sides of trains. The LIRR is one of two commuter rail systems owned by the MTA; the other one is Metro-North Railroad. The LIRR is the only commuter passenger railroad in the United States to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with significant off peak, weekend, and holiday service.

The LIRR operates out of three western terminals in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Jamaica Station in central Queens is the hub of all railroad activities as its shown in Long Island rail map. Expansion of the system into Grand Central Terminal is anticipated over the next few years. The Long Island Rail Road system is made up of eleven passenger branches. Two main trunk lines, the Main Line and Montauk Branches, spin off nine smaller branches. For scheduling and advertising purposes some of these branches are further divided into sections such as the case with the Montauk Branch, which is known as the Babylon Branch service in the electrified portion of the line between Jamaica and Babylon, while the diesel service beyond Babylon to Montauk is referred to as the Montauk Branch service.